The Officials Committee of  USATF – Oregon recruits, trains, and certifies people to officiate track and field and associated sports (Cross Country, Road Racing, Race Walk) at all levels:

 Officials play an important role in making thousands of events run smoothly. From working national championships to officiating high-school track meets, officials are essential for maintaining the highest levels of integrity at all levels of competition.

Our members work at meets throughout the State of Oregon, and North America. A number of  officials are chosen each year to work meets of national importance, especially USATF and NCAA championships, and occasionally meets outside the US. We seek individuals who care about these sports and are dedicated to ensuring that track meets are run safely and fairly.
Feel free to contact either myself or Scott:
Jerry Westfall           503-332-2415
Scott Phoenix           503-715-6685


Officials Board 2016-2019


Jerry Westfall           Open                 Debi Hanson                Scott Phoenix        
     Chair             1st Vice Chair         2nd Vice Chair                Certification                                   


Becoming a New Official          

If you would like to become a new official click the link for the outline. New Official

Recertification for 2020-2023

Recertification will begin November of 2020. Details to follow ...


Recertification Requirements for the Current Olympaid:

  1. USATF Membership.   Must be a member of USATF for 2017.   Join or renew your membership at this link.
  1. Recertification Form.  Must complete, sign, and submit the 2017-2020 Certified Official Recertification Form.  Click on this link to get the form.  
  1. Rules Review.  Must complete and achieve a passing score on the rules review appropriate to your certification level and discipline.  Click on the link below to get the rules review you need.  All reviews may be accessed on the NOOC website at this link.
  1. Certification Fee.   Must make payment of the Association certification fee (good for the 4 year Olympiad). 
  1. SafeSport Training.  Must complete the US Olympic Committee SafeSport training course.  Take the training either in-person at a clinic, or online at this link (on the SafeSport training website be sure to add your USATF membership number by selecting "USA Track and Field" under "Memberships" to receive completion credit).   
Completion of the course at any time since 2014 satisfies this requirement.  There are three modules to complete. See the pages below for directions.
    6. Background Check.  Must complete a USATF background check within the past 2 years.
       The check, conducted by NCSI, is now the same one as required for coaches (however, a
       check completed for any other purpose (e. g. school teacher) does not satisfy the USATF
       requirement).  If you previously had a check by NCSI, you can verify the completion date by
       clicking on this link and providing the requested info.