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2016 XC Schedule


Date Club Event Location Schedule
9/14/2016 Trinity Track Club Developmental Meet Pat Acres, Candy OR  
9/15/2016 Foot Traffic All Comers Overlook Park, PDX  
9/17/2016 Salem Track Club Developmental Meet
Course Map
Corban University, Salem,OR  
9/24/2016 Nike Nike Portland XC Portland Meadows  
9/29/2016 Foot Traffic All Comers Overlook Park, PDX  
9/30/2016 McMinnville Track Club Middle School Invite McMinnville Middle, McMinnville, OR  
10/1/2016 Newberg HS Champoeg Invitational Champoeg State Park, Saint Paul, OR  
10/6/2016 Foot Traffic All Comers Overlook Park, PDX  
10/20/2016 Foot Traffic All Comers Overlook Park, PDX  
11/6/2016 USATF **XC JO State Meet  
West Linn, OR Brochure
11/19/2016 USATF Oregon **XC JO Regional Meet
West Linn, OR Brochure

Team Change Form

12/10/2016 USATF Alabama **XC National Championship Hoover, AL  

** Requires online reigstration
Developmental Meets Sept. 17 - Oct. 22ND
Registration is simple as each athlete pays $5.00 and then is able to select his/her events at that time.


Association/Regional Meet Course Map

2k-5k Hidden Creek (polo grounds)

Meet & Team Information

There are a series of developmental meets offered in September & October. This year some of the meets will be held on Sunday (PDXC Running Series) The State Junior Olympic State Meet is open to any USATF member and all athletes are encouraged to participate, no qualifying standard is needed to compete in this meet. The Regional and National Meets are available to those who qualify from the preceding meet. Qualifiers may be as individuals or age group teams (see age group section). To qualify for the Regional JO Meet and athlete must finish in the top 35 of their individual race at the State JO Meet or a member of a qualifying team from the State Meet (top 5 teams from each age group). A maximum of 8 members on a team and of those 5 will be scored. To qualify for Nationals, an athlete must finish in the top 30 of their individual race or be on one of the top 3 teams of their age group at the Regional Meet.

Age Groups

Races at meets are divided by sex and birth date. Teams require 5-7 kids of the same gender in the same age group.

2016 Age Groups

Race Distances for XC by Age Group