USATF Oregon - Race Walk Committee - Meeting Minutes
September 8, 2013 - 1:00 PM

Attendees:  Jim Bean (Chair), Marie VerMeer (Secretary), Bob Gray, Erin Gray, Anne Whitaker.
Jim Bean called the meeting to order at 1:01 PM.
1.       Old Business:
-          2014 race schedule was discussed.  Events will include:
o   March – 5k, Association Championship:  March 9, Banks High School
o   April – 10k Association Championship:  Date and location to be determined. 
o   May – 20k R egional Championship:  Date and location to be determined.
o   October – One Hour Regional Championship.  Location will be Banks High School.  Date to be determined.
o   Multiple venues are being researched:  Banks, Lebanon, S. Eugene.  Bob Gray indicated that Lebanon is interested in working with us, as is South Eugene.  Bob and Jim will follow up with both venues – potential for scheduling the 10K at one venue and the 20K at the other.   
o   Marie VerMeer recommended that we schedule a 1-Mile/3K as part of one of the All Comers meetings that happen at University of Portland in January/February.  Erin Gray will need a qualifier for Nationals and rather than trying to schedule on short notice Jim will work with the race organizer to schedule an event at the beginning of one of the early meets.  This will enable us to find judges and increase the size of the participant field.
-          Road course in Portland is still needed (1k or 2k).  Requirements/features needed include:
o   Try for no roads to shut down
o   Rest room facilities
o   Flat, smooth surface
o   5 m radius turns
-          Awards Committee appointed for 2014: Conrad Williamson (Chair), Jim Bean, Margaret Seewerker. Award categories include:             Youth, Open, Masters, Contributor, Official.
-          Budget increase (from $400 to $1050)  is being requested for Race Walk Committee. Increase will cover the following:
o   $400 for 2 10x10 portable tents with USATF logo
o   $200 for sanction fees for Association and Regional meets  (covers National portion of fee:  OR Association covers Association portion.
o   $300 for sanction fees for developmental meets
o   $150 for replenishment of Association championship medals
2.       New Business
o   Jim indicated that Race Walk developmental meets will be scheduled.  These sanctioned events will allow anyone to enter, with or without a USATF card.  Meet locations and dates are TBD; but plan is to hold them in July, August, September, November, February and possibly January of 2014.
Meeting was adjourned at 1:34 PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Marie VerMeer

Minutes of USATF Oregon Racewalk Committee 2012 Annual Meeting
  September 16, 2012 – 1:00 PM
Link to PDF version of minutes:  Click here