Officials Certification 

Training and certification of officials is central to USATF's goal of ensuring fair and safe competitive opportunities for athletes. The training and certification processes promote a serious and professional approach to officiating and demonstrate an official's commitment to excellence. As an official gains experience, exposure to correct officiating practices, and additional training, USATF recognizes this skill development through progressive levels of certification:  Apprentice to National to Master.

Certification Requirements

1.       Be a current year member of USATF – go to this link for the online application and
2.       Complete a New Officials Certification, or Recertification Application Form – see the
         “Forms & Tests” page
3.       Make payment to your certification chair ($40.00 - USATF Oregon)
4.       Complete the appropriate rules review (open-book test) – see the Forms & Tests page
5.       Complete SafeSport training -  see the “Background Check & SafeSport” page
6.       Complete the background check -  see the Background Check & SafeSport page
7.       Provide a current photo
8.       Complete any additional requirements established by your association

Note:  a current USATF membership number is required in order to receive credit for the SafeSport Training and the background check.

Certification Levels

Click here for more information on the various levels of Certification.

Certification Forms and Rules Reviews

Click here for a complete list of Rules Reviews along with the application form for new certifications and recertifications.

If you have any questions please contact:

Scott Phoenix
P: 5035381674
C: 5037156685