Officials Re Certification 2017-2020

Recertification for 2017-2020 is now available. Listed below are the steps you need to do for recertifying. Safe Sport and a Background check are new this Olympaid.

Once everything is complete you will need to send the following to me (Jerry):

1. New application with $40.00 fee good for the next four years.
2. USATF membership number good for 2017-
3. New photo (email) if you want a different picture on your card.
4. Copy of your safesport training certificate.
5. Proof of your background check.
6. Rules review test at your current level. Answer any 20 questions.

Mail everything to:

Jerry Westfall
5719 SW Joshua St
Tualatin, OR 97062

We will have a workshops for recertifying as a group like the last Olympaid. The will be held in Portland, Eugene and Salem. You will need to bring everything listed above.


Officials Recertification
Procedures for the 2017-2020 Olympiad

The certification of all USATF officials expires at the end of each Olympiad.  Officials wishing to recertify for the   2017-2020 Olympiad must accomplish all of the actions outlined below.
Recertification Requirements:
  1. USATF Membership.   Must be a member of USATF for 2017.   Join or renew your membership at this link.
  2. Recertification Form.   Must complete, sign, and submit the 2017-2020 Certified Official Recertification Form.  Click on this link to get the form.
  3. Rules Review.  Must complete and achieve a passing score on the rules review appropriate to your certification level and discipline.  Click on the link below to get the rules review you need.  Additional reviews will be provided as soon as they are revised for this Olympiad.
Apprentice Track & Field                                         Apprentice Race Walk
Association Track & Field                                         Association Race Walk
National Track & Field                                              
  1. Certification Fee.    $40.00 to USATF Oregon  (good for the 4 year Olympiad). 
  2. SafeSport Training.   Must successfully complete the US Olympic Committee SafeSport training course.  Take the training either in-person at a clinic, or online at this link (on the SafeSport training website be sure to add your USATF membership number by selecting "USA Track and Field" under "Memberships" to receive completion credit).  Training previously completed is valid for a period of 2 years. 
  3. Background Check.   Must have completed a USATF background check within the past 2 years.  The check, conducted by NCSI, is now the same one as required for coaches (however, a check completed for any other purpose (school teacher) does not satisfy the USATF requirement).  If you previously had a check by NCSI, you can verify the completion date by clicking on this link and providing the requested info.  If the date is within the past 2 years, you don’t need another check at this time. 

    If not, initiate one now as directed below (a $16.00 cost).  Getting to the USATF web page for this is rather tricky, so here are the instructions; follow them exactly:
    1. Click on this link to get to the “Members Only Content” page.
    2. Enter your 2016 /2017 USATF membership number and password in two locations:  in the body of the page, and in the grey boxes at the very top of the page (note: the boxes at the top may be pre-filled, but you must delete the entries and manually fill them in).  When the number & password are entered in both places, click on “Login.”
    3. You’ll be taken to a page titled “USATF Officials Background Screen.”  Click on “Submit Application” which will take you to another page titled “USATF Officials’ Background Check.”  Click on “I understand” and you’ll finally be at the page where you enter your payment information and submit the request for the check.
  4. Additional Training.  Must complete any Association requirements for training, testing, or an officiating resume.    
  5. Photo.   Must have a current photo in the certification database, or submit a new one (jpeg format preferred). 
Note:  Officials who certified for the first time during 2016 are certified thru 2020; so they do not need to take another Rules Review or pay the national certification fee.